There is four Tools in Tool App.

If you want to Active/Deactive any App, please follow the instructions carefully.

Step 1

Login to your Admin Panel & click on Tools App.

Step 2

We will learn how to active Tools for website... one by one

Lets start with Sumo Me

As we discussed what sumo me does, so we will active it.

  • Click on the Sumo Me Link.
  • New Website will open, there is a textbox asking your site url. Fill your website URL (Ex. & click Try it Now.
  • Now you need to signup, there is option with google or with your email & password.
  • After completing Signup, you will get your code.
  • Copy the code, as i have highlighted with blue color only.

  • Paste it on Admin Panel Sumo-Site-Id.
  • Click on Active button to Activate Sumo Me
  • Click on Submit button.

Activating Google Analytics

As we discussed what google analytics does, so we will active it.

  • Click on the Google Analytic Link.
  • It will ask for login if your are not login with any google account.
  • Login with any Google Account.
  • After that next page will ask you for Signup.
  • Click on Signup & Fill all your website Details properly, then click Get Tracking ID.
  • After Completing these processes you will redirect to Analytics.
  • In Google Analytics Admin panel, click on Tracking info under Property
  • Then click Tracking Code, You will Get Tracking Code (Ex. UA-58624696-8)

  • Copy the Code
  • Paste the Code to your Travel Admin Panel Tracking Code under Google Analytics.
  • Click on Active to Activate
  • And Finally Click Submit.

Activating Hit Counter

As we discussed what Hit Counter does, so we will active it.

  • Click on the Google Analytic Link.
  • New website will open.
  • Here you can Color for Hit Counter.
  • After doing all this setting click on Get Counter Code.
  • You will get code.
  • Copy the Code under blue background.

  • Paste this code to Admin Panel Hit Counter ID under Hit Counter
  • Click on Submit.

Activating Google Translator

Activating google translator is very easy

  • Click on Active button and Submit.
  • Now your Translator will be available for translating on your Travel Website.