Creating Tour Package is Very Simple. you just need to Follow the instruction below to add Tour Package properly.

Before Creating any Package, you must be clear that you have already created Menu/Category/Sub-Category. Because we  will add packages under these items.

Let's Start Creating Tour Packages...

Step 1 -

Login to your Admin Panel & Click on Package App

Step 2

On package page you will see all the packages listing, if you have added any. And

button with name "Add Package" is shown.

Click on Add Package.

Step 3

Choose Menu, Category & Sub-Category

Enter Your Package Details as Package Name, ID, Places cover in Trip etc.

We also need to understand about what we are filling,

Package Name - the Package Name (Ex. Gorakhpur Nepal Adventure Tour )

ID - Unique Id

Places cover in this Trip -  Places Name Covered in this Trip (Ex. Gorakhpur, Kathmandu, Pokhara etc. )

Duration - Trip Duration (Ex. 4 Days 3 Nights).

Source - Trip Starting From (Ex. Gorakhpur)

Destination - Trip Ending To (Ex. Nepal)

Pickup From - You will pickup Travellers from. (Ex. Gorakhpur Bus Stand)

Drop To - You will drop Travellers To. (Ex. Gorakhpur Bus Stand)

State - In which State the trip is.

Country - In which Country the trip is

Services - The services provided during the Trip. (Ex. Immigration, Bus, Car, Meal etc.)

Facilities - The facilities provided during the Trip.

Itinerary - It shows all the days plans (Ex. 1st Day - Start journey from gorakhpur & reach to Pokhara, Take Rest in Hotel etc... )

Click on Submit button to add Package.