The Package Menu works according to your Menu, Category & Sub-Category Entry on Admin Panel.

The Menu "Tour Packages" on top of Travel Website is the main Menu is static and always visible.

Now, if you have Create Menu in Package App of  Admin Panel, it will look like below image. As i have made two Menus which is shown below.

Now question is what happen when i click on these two menu ?

As i have made two menu

1. Holiday Tour

2. Adventure Tour

And also i have made Three(3) Categories in Adventure Tour &  Zero (0) Categories in Holiday Tour

  • Now if i will click on Holiday Tour - it will take us to Package page and shows Tour Packages under Holiday Tour because there is no Categories under Holiday Tour.
  • And if will click on Adventure Tour - it will open sub-menu of the Three (3) categories created under Adventure Tour { Bungee Jumping, Paragliding & River Rafting }.

On the above image you can see some menus under River Rafting, because I have made Two (2) Sub-Categories under River Rafting { Gangotri, Yamunotri...Pokhara, Butwal.. etc. }

Now if you will click any Category or  Sub-Category, it will redirect to Package Page and show packages according to your Selection.