Ok, Now we see that how to use & edit the Predefined Email Template to send the subscription mail to our visitors.

STEP - 1  

Login into Admin Panel and go to "Subscription App"

STEP - 2  

Now you are in Subscription section

1. Go to the bottom of the page and See "Predefined Email Templates" section.

2. Click on "Use" button to use this template in Compose section. 

3. When you click on "Use" button, this template is automatically fill the compose section. Now If you like then edit the template as per your requirement.

4. If you want to send this mail to visitors. go to "Subscribed EMail" and check "Select All" or any mail on which you want to send the mail.

4. Finally Click on "SEND EMAIL".

Note: After editing if you like then save this email as template to click on "SAVE AS TEMPLATE".

STEP - 3  

Please wait You will get confirmation of sent mails.