Follow these easy steps to add Travel Branches.

STEP - 1 

Go to Admin Panel and click on "Branch App"

STEP - 2 (Add Branch Detail)

1. Fill all the information of Travel branches.

2. If this branch is head branch then choose the head branch Yes, otherwise No.

3. Finally click on Submit button to save record.

STEP - 3 (Upload Travel Branch Image)

Now Click on "Add Images"

STEP - 4 (Choose Image and set as head branch)

1. Click on "Choose File". a window is open. now choose your branch school image.

2. and click on "Open" button.

3. Select the Branch name of which this image is uploaded.

4. Finally click on "Submit" button to save the image.

STEP - 5

Now go back and check the Travel Website to see the result.