To add Videos in Website Gallery you have to follow following instruction. Please read it carefully.

First : Create a YouTube account of your Travel.

Second : Upload all videos in that account.

Third : Set the YouTube account accessibility Public to add videos in website.

Now lets we see the procedure to add YouTube videos in our Travel Website.

STEP - 1  

Login into Admin Panel and to to "Video Gallery App"

STEP - 2  

Go to the YouTube account and click on video.

Just copy the URL from browser address bar.

STEP - 3  

Now go the Admin Panel

1. Choose the Category of Video.

2. Paste the copied YouTube url.

3. Enter the title of Video.

4. Write some summery if you want.

5 Click on "Submit" button.

Now your Video is live.

STEP - 4  

Check your Video Gallery on Travel Website.