There are some easy steps to upload your Travel Brochure, follow these steps.

STEP - 1

(a) Take your Travel Brochure.

(b) Scan all pages your Travel Brochure.

(c) Save all pages in drive with .jpg format.

(d) Note that Saved document size should be Width - 1050px, Height - 1360 and 72 - 100 dpi resolution.

STEP - 2

Go to your Admin Panel and Click on "Brochure app"

STEP - 3

Click on "Choose file" button and select one of your saved prospectus according to STEP-1.

STEP - 4

In "Title Text Box" write the Title of the selected prospectus page, as shown in example.

After entering title successfully click on "Update" button

STEP - 5

Follow STEP - 2 to STEP - 4 to add more pages of Brochure.

STEP - 6

Finally click on "Website" to view the final result on Travel Website.