Follow these steps to change Founder, Director and Manager image of Message App

STEP - 1

Click on "MESSAGE APP".

STEP - 2

After entering Message app section, See the right side of page. 

(a). Click on "Add Image" button.

(b). A image upload section will appear. Click on "Choose File" button to choose your image.

      Please note that, for best result each image size and resolution should be - Width : 330px, Height : 220px, Resolution : 72 dpi

(c). Finally click on "SAVE" button to save the image.

Repeat this process to add more images.

Go to the STEP - 3 to add image in your content or template.

STEP - 3

OK! now we will see how to change the Director/Manager/Founder images in content.

(a). Right Click on the image.

(b). Choose Image Properties option and click.

Go to STEP - 4 and change the travel image

STEP - 4

A new "Image Properties" Panel is open.

(a). Go to right side of the panel and copy the image link

(b). In Image Properties panel go to URL section and paste it.

(c). Finally click on "OK" button.

Now your travel image is replace by new one.

STEP - 5

Click on Update Button to save all the editing.

STEP - 6

Now see the preview on click on "Website" button.